Our Most Challenging Dog Cake

We recently had a request from a customer to make a dog cake which showed their dog, a big hairy mastiff, sleeping in their beloved dog crate. Needless to say this posed a bit of a challenge.

I could envision every part of the cake except for the dog crate.  I didn’t have much familiarity with the various nuances of dog crates. I mean, I knew that there were large dog crates, small dog crates, and portable dog crates, but I didn’t exactly know the different types.

Apparently there are metal dog crates, plastic dog crates, and fabric dog crates. I spoke to the customer and she said that he had a metal dog crate. Okay, great, that narrows it down.

I began researching what different metal dog crates look like and found that there are still a ton of different metal dog crates! I needed to find a professional to help me. Luckily Joe from Best Dog Crates and Beds was more than willing to help me out.

Joe explained that a mastiff is definitely going to be using a very large, metal dog crate – probably one that’s heavy-duty, if not indestructible. A mastiff can have a lot of energy, so ensuring that they have a large dog crate that’s not going to be broken is a must. Also, the dog crate is going to need to have a dog bed in it, along with a dog blanket, and maybe a couple of dog toys. Joe also helped give me the finer details of what the different types of dog crates look like (you can see the dog crate reviews here).

Thankfully Joe was able to help me. Because of him, I was able to create a wonderful dog cake. The customer absolutely loved seeing their dog in their dog crate. It was almost life-like (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration on their part, but it felt good all the same)!

I don’t know if I’m going to make any more dog cakes that look like dog crates, but I’m certainly going to leave the idea open!